Project Management Coaching
Influence - Persuasion - Mental Guidance
 You've done all the theory, now let's take your 
Project Management Skills to 

I help Project Managers become masters of influence by coaching you in the age-old skills of Persuasion and Mental Guidance for you to successfully Predict and Control Stakeholder behaviour. 

7 Week: Next-Level-PM coaching

3 Benefits of The-Next-Level Coaching Programme

1. Greater mental flexibility and problem-solving capability.

2. Mastery in Communication and Risk management skills. 

3. Ability to analyse and influence your Project Stakeholders to get them to do what you want them to do

7 Mind sets
1. There is no quick fix, there is only the work that needs to be done.

2. Seek to understand first, and then you will be understood.

3. Eliminate the mind-virus that believes there is only one way.

4. Never be yourself, always be the person you want to become.

5. Everyone should have a hero. Why not make it yourself, one year from now?

6. Your dream should be your minimum standard, we never achieve our dreams, we only achieve our minimum standards.

7. Be the influencer not the influenced.

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