Project Management Coaching
Influence - Persuasion - Mental Guidance
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  • Founded: 2007
Dan Grové and his team has provided coaching in the Project Management industry for over 2 decades, across the globe. 
In 1999 when Dan was running a £30m business critical change programme, he was coached for the first time. He had a series of OMG-moments that changed his life and led him to become a coach in the Project management industry. As a result he was able to step away from a place of overwhelm, stress and frustration and into a place of awareness and empowerment. His career took off to a completely new level when he launched and began to focus on empowering others. 

I help Project Managers become masters of influence by coaching you in the age-old skills of persuasion and mental guidance for you to successfully predict Stakeholder behaviour. 

6 Weeks: Next-Level-PM Programme

Coaching works best when the student has a desire for change and when they: 
• Have just landed a new big project and are need to up-level to the next-level
• Need help interfacing with a demotivated team and unhappy clients
• Would like a clear strategy for how to move forward and get to the next level
• Are working hard, but their efforts are not delivering the expected outcomes
• Feel overwhelmed and stressed and would like to increase their level of fulfilment
• Would like to become an inspiring leader who has confidence, drive and gravitas